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The guidelines governing Amazon’s review ecosystem are dynamic. We would like to update you on the most recent regulations and provide you with some tips we have discovered to be the most effective for obtaining book reviews on Amazon.

The most commonly asked questions about the Amazon review process are answered here, along with Amazon’s responses. I have gotten the Amazon policies straight from the source and am sharing them with you.

Is it possible to write a review on Amazon?

Nearly every product sold on Amazon is open for reviews, even if you haven’t personally bought it. If you purchased the item somewhere other than Amazon, you may still post reviews there. When someone who purchased a book somewhere else leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or another store, it may be quite beneficial for the author. In the event that circumstances (or attitudes!) change, you may also amend and delete your evaluations at a later time.

Should I provide a discount to get more reviews at the start of my launch?

According to Amazon’s technical standpoint, you are not permitted to buy or pay for reviews. Nevertheless, a lot of authors provide some kind of gift in exchange for a review. In fact, the tactic of selling your book lower at the time of debut might encourage more reviews. You only need to put in the effort to ardently urge all of your readers to do it!

Can I request that people post reviews for my book?

Absolutely! Almost always, you should be requesting book reviews for your publication. Even free copies can be sent in return for a review, albeit you have no control over the reviewer’s viewpoint or tone.


Is it accurate to say that users were not permitted to leave reviews for items they had not yet purchased?

That is accurate, but Amazon is aware that book publishers and writers have long given reviewers access to advance copies of their works. Except in the case of books, Amazon DOES NOT ALLOW PRODUCT REVIEWS UNLESS THE REVIEWER HAS PURCHASED THE PRODUCT.

Consequently, why are so many reviews being removed?

Because Amazon modified their review policies and implemented the following measures around a year ago:

  1. In order to protect the integrity of Community material, it is prohibited to post or engage in any activity that constitutes direct or indirect advertisement, promotion, or solicitation.
  2. Creating, altering, or publishing content on or on behalf of another person in exchange for any kind of payment, including free or reduced goods, refunds, or reimbursements.
  3. Offering or seeking payment in return for generating, editing, or sharing material, including free or reduced goods. (According to Amazon’s above statement, book publishers are EXEMPT from this restriction.)
  4. Only URLs or links to other items sold on Amazon are permitted in reviews.
  5. No more than one review of the same product may be written by a customer from the same household.

And the BIG NO-NO is written here: 

(No) Creating, altering, or uploading content about your products or services (or the products or services of your family members, close friends, colleagues, or employers).

This implies that you shouldn’t request that a person you know publish a review. Story over. Yes, in the past Amazon let friends and family to publish reviews. Clients and anyone associated with your business may previously publish, but that is no longer the case. Additionally, avoid providing rewards or anything else in return for reviews. You may only provide a reviewer a copy of your book for a review; nothing else.

It follows that they are unable to leave reviews for me.

Sorry, folks. I’m aware that many of your readers are CRAZY fans who keep in contact and follow you online. However, if some of your readers have become close to you both online and in real life, they could discover that their reviews are now doubtful. Customers and supporters should feel free to provide reviews. However, you shouldn’t entice them.

The main point that needs to be kept in mind is that none of us should ask people we know or work with for reviews. This regulation may even be broken by boosting Amazon evaluations in social media posts.

What can I do if a review is arbitrarily removed?

Nothing significant, I’m afraid. Amazon is the site’s owner and has the last word if they decide that the review in issue is against their policies.However, that does not mean you shouldn’t whine and raise a fuss! Amazon could alter its regulations once more if there are enough complaints. Additionally, throughout the course of the past year, Amazon unintentionally deleted all of the reviews for a few books; however, after authors complained that all of their reviews had vanished, Amazon decided to restore them.

The following guidelines should be kept in mind if an Amazon review is removed:

  1.  You cannot submit a review for the same product again if your initial submission was refused or withdrawn because it did not adhere to our policies on promotional content, even if the new submission has different content.
  2. In order to preserve the greatest possible shopping experience or if we see odd reviewing activity, we may restrict the opportunity to post a review.

Does Amazon read every review that is posted?

Amazon’s response: Amazon does not routinely examine uploaded content, although it does reserve the right (but does not have to) to remove or amend such information.

Thus, the current guidelines and responses to your inquiries regarding Amazon reviews are provided. We will continue to communicate with Amazon and let you know if the policies change in the future.

The main considerations while making plans to obtain more Amazon reviews are as follows:

  1. Concentrate on bloggers and professional book reviewers.
  2. You CAN provide review copies of your book to book critics.
  3. Do not ask for Amazon reviews on your website or social media pages.
  4. Instead, advocate for them to leave evaluations on the websites where they prefer to shop.
  5. Never request a review on social media from someone you know. Allow reviews to develop naturally.
  6. Work on increasing sales by using advertisements and keyword bids, and your reviews will rise as a result!

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